Dock Talk

Canadian Princesses - 13 Years in the Making

Canadian Princess Resort - July 23, 2012

We received this letter from guests who fished with the Canadian Princess Resort 13 years ago. 

Thank you so much for sharing your story!  We are so happy to have created such a fond memory for you and hearing stories like this is our ultimate reward!

Dear Oak Bay Marine Group:

Thirteen years ago, my wife Audrey and I started dating. Our first trip together as a couple was on an Oak Bay Marine Group fishing tour, in Ucluelet, at the Canadian Princess Resort.

On the fishing tour itself there were two deckhands on the boat, "Mica" and "Cailyn" (unsure of their spelling)

During that trip, Audrey and I agreed that Mica and Cailyn were such beautiful names and that if we were to ever get married and have kids we would name them Mica and Cailyn.

Fast forward 13 years: Earlier this week, Audrey gave birth to our second Canadian Princess, "Kaelynn." Our first Canadian Princess, "Maika," was born three years ago this same week.  Their birthdays are just 4 days apart.

As things have finally settled down, I decided to take this moment to write your company a quick note to share with you this amazing story, how your company was and forever will be a part of our lives. We always tell the "Oak Bay Marine Group" inspiration, especially since Kaelynn's birth has now completed the story.

If "Mica" and "Cailyn" are still part of your company, please do let them know that they had an important impact on a young couple they helped on a small fishing boat over a decade ago.

One of these days, we do plan to take the 'Princesses' out to Ucluelet to tell them the origins of their names - and if Mica and Cailyn are still around, we would definitely like to show them the product of their inspiration!

Thanks and much love,

Brian, Audrey, Maika and Kaelynn.