Dock Talk

Come and Get 'Em!

Canadian Princess Resort - July 13, 2012

Fishing Report

The fish are getting bigger as the summer season progresses.   As we enter the last half of July we can expect to see plenty of Chinook salmon around the 30 pound range and coho around 10 pounds.  Although the seasonal average for Halibut is usually 25 pounds or greater, we have already had the pleasure of weighing in several Halibut over 50 pounds, including the two last week that weighed 53lbs-10oz and 60lbs-07oz.

Reports indicate an early run of Chinook returning to Robertson Creek in the Alberni Inlet.  This makes inshore spots like Swale Rock, Meares Bluff, and Red Can good for fishing.  The offshore Chinook continue to give us plenty of action and you can throw in the odd coho and sockeye in there too!

Ucluelet is becoming famous for its offshore banks.  These underwater plateaus are rich in nutrients and baitfish.  Where there is food there are hungry and biting salmon.  Depending on the weather and the overall fishing trends of the last few days, your Skipper will take you to the best hotspots that could include: Lighthouse Bank, South Bank, The Wreck, and our popular Big Bank.

This is an exciting time at the Canadian Princess Resort.  As the summer really sinks in we can expect bigger fish and fish in abundance.  I can’t wait to see what you are going to reel in!

Gone Fishing,