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Crazy for halis

Canadian Princess Resort - July 11, 2006

Halibut fishing on Vancouver IslandI filled in as a captain for the past few days and it was great to get back out on the water and away from the desk.

I can say — after seeing it first-hand — that the halibut fishing is crazy! We were hooking halibut as shallow as 40 feet below the surface (in over 200 feet of water, I might add) and limiting-out on halibut changed from a "what if" to a "when". It was great!

I’d like to put a kudos out for my deckhands over those days, Christian and Meghan, who both excelled at their jobs, keeping the fish under control and guests happy.

Now that I am back in the office, I can get back to my regular activities, so here are the “Catch o’ the Day” winners for the last few days…

Halibut fishing on Vancouver IslandJuly 9th

  • 21 lb. Chinook caught by Rocky Lockhart of Bothell, WA
  • 21 lb. Chinook caught by Bruce Gilggers of Clackamas, OR
  • 25 lb. halibut by Alden Stoochnoff of Okotoks, AB

July 10th

  • 24 lb. Ling cod by Jon Matthews of Damascus, OR
  • 56 lb. halibut by Jim Ackley of Long Beach, WA

July 11th

  • 21 lb. Chinook by Judy Tolmie of Whistler, BC
  • 40 lb. halibut by Ben Ilas

Nice job all!
Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager

Halibut fishing on Vancouver Island