Dock Talk

Feeling Crabby?

Canadian Princess Resort - August 14, 2012

When you eat at the Canadian Princess Resort you know you are getting the freshest in west coast cuisine.  From grilled pacific salmon, to the west coast seafood lasagna, and cooked up Catch of the Day.  My personal favourite is the Dungeness crab dinner.

Whether you choose to dine in the Quarter Deck, the Stewart Dining Room, or in the Chart Room Lounge you’ll be able to see where we get our crab.  Just look right outside the window in our local waters.  In fact, our chef’s shop at Fishfull Thinking and they bring us in crab from local commercial crab fishermen as fresh as you can get it.  Fishfull Thinking is literally visible from the resort.  Now that’s shopping local!

Did you know that one-quarter of a crab’s weight is meat?  Crab meat has a delicate flavour, it’s slightly sweet and incredibly decadent.  Although crab is a bit of a fancy treat there is no point in trying to eat it elegantly.  I’ve tried to be graceful but usually have failed in a very messy and very delightful way.  So just dig in with your crab cracker and have a good, messy time eating this special treat.

All summer long you can get a Whole Crab Dinner steamed and served with melted garlic butter for just $35.  Or choose the Steak and Half Crab Diner, also for $35. 

All of our entrees are served with your choice of two sides:  fries, garden salad, mashed potatoes, or seasonal vegetables.  Plus, you get a choice of one sauce: gravy, mushroom jus, mustard cream or hollandaise sauce.  For something extra add five breaded shrimp for just $4.95.

The Canadian Princess Resort also has dining specials for both lunch and dinner every day of the week.  From salmon burgers to pork ribs, meatball subs to a full rack of lamb there is something to satisfy any appetite.  Read our full daily specials menu.

Gone Crabbing,