Dock Talk

Finishing with a Boat-load

Canadian Princess Resort - September 11, 2012

It was a great way to finish off the fishing season at the Canadian Princess Resort.  The Long Beach Princess arrived at the docks with a deck full of rock fish and Chinook salmon.  They were returning from an afternoon trip with Skipper Don and deckhand Koko.  Crowds gathered on the dock and along the railing of the Canadian Princess as we all watched them unload their impressive haul.

The guests on the Long Beach Princess had all limited out on their Chinook salmon.  They also caught about 30 rock fish.  Our dockhands had their work cut out for them that late afternoon, filleting and preparing the fish for our guests to take home.  Our guests should have enough fish to last them for months, or at least until next season.

“We had a great season,” said Brian Clarkson, General Manager of the Canadian Princess Resort.  “Trips like these happened more than once!”

We noticed an amazing amount of women and girls participating in sport fishing this year, more than previous years.  Several of the CP’s fishing ladies qualified for and participated in the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby and its big Fish Off last weekend.  Congratulations!

“I am happy to see an increase in our female anglers.  From little girls to grandmothers they’re all on our boats catching fish!  We are also happy to announce that we are contributing to that trend in the fishing industry and have a new female Skipper.  Jacqueline is joining the ranks!” said Clarkson.

We want to thank Skipper Harvey for sharing all of his wisdom and expertise with Jacqueline as she completed the training to get her licence and officially become a skipper near the end of this summer.  Thank you Harvey and congratulations to Jacqueline.  We are looking forward to your first full season in 2013.

“I would also like to congratulate the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby for completing their third year.”  Clarkson continued, “They’ve had more participation year after year and lots of community sponsorship support.”

The Canadian Princess Resort has been a sponsor of the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby since its first season in 2010.

Although the fishing season has closed, on shore accommodation is still available until September 30th.  Anyone interested in doing a group fishing trip or nature tours are to contact Brian Clarkson.  Special trips and tours can be booked into the shoulder season.  Call 250-726-7771.

 Brian Clarkson ended our conversation with this: “Tight lines and sharp hooks to all the guests, crew, and colleagues!”

See you next year,