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First Wave

Canadian Princess Resort - August 23, 2006

Salmon fishing on Vancouver IslandWe've seen increased salmon numbers coming in to the resort over the last week, and we are still expecting a huge run of salmon to arrive any time now. Word from northern spots, like Nootka Sound, is that the salmon are on their way in a huge force. We are ready, and can hardly wait!

Here are some of our latest catch-o’-the-dayers:

August 16

  • 36 lb Ling cod by Randy Yen of North Vancouver, BC
  • 32 lb halibut by Matt Schneider of Langley, BC

August 18

  • 25 lb Chinook by Evan Faulk of Poulsbo, WA

August 19

  • 36 lb Chinook by Henry Helmholz of Freemont, CA
Salmon fishing on Vancouver Island

August 20

  • 31 lb Chinook by Ron Wolfe of Edmonton, AB

August 21

  • 22 lb Chinook by Anania Salvatori of Seattle, WA
Salmon fishing on Vancouver Island

August 22

  • 42 lb halibut by Jan Szewczak of Warsaw, Poland

Excellent job, all!

Stay tuned for the salmon frenzy!

Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager, Canadian Princess Resort
Ucluelet, Vancouver Island

Salmon fishing on Vancouver Island