Dock Talk

Fishing Outlook for 2002

Oak Bay Marine Group Fishing Resorts - October 31, 2001

If the quality of the fishery in 2001 is any indication of the future, we can expect a full return to "the good old days" for 2002. Early indications point to good to truly excellent returns of Coho and Chinook to most B.C. Rivers with some achieving record, or near record runs.

This fantastic rebound of salmon stocks in B.C. provided dramatic evidence of the resilience of salmon, and shows just how quickly they can respond to improvements in ocean feeding conditions combined with serious curtailment of the net fisheries. There is every reason to believe that this trend will continue into the future.

What does this mean to you, the informed and intelligent angler? In a nutshell, lots of fish for next year! It is also reasonable to expect that as the ocean feeding grounds continue to increase in productivity, the average size of our salmon will continue to climb as we discovered to our delight during 2001.

Whether you choose one of our remote Northern Resorts, or one of our popular Vancouver Island destinations for your 2002 trip, you can feel confident that the fish will be there, waiting to test your skill and keep you coming back for more!