Dock Talk

Fishing with the CP from a fellow employee

Canadian Princess Resort - September 15, 2011

This season, I have held open the invitation for fellow employees to write to me with words or stories that they might like to share with a wider audience. I received a hand written letter yesterday from Don Schmidt who wrote to me about his year with the Canadian Princess. I'm happy to forward his message along as we start to wind down our season here at the Canadian Princess Resort.
Letter by Don Schmidt
This year has been fantastic, being hired was an opportunity I really did not fully appreciate until now, the end of the season. September 11th 2011, I went on my last fishing trip for the season. I actually was saddened when I realized I was down to my last two shifts of work at the Canadian Princess. As the boat slowly left the harbour, you could tell that the day would be spectacular. The sun rise coning up over the mountains in the background was a beautiful orange glow. We began by traveling south out of the harbour. There were thirteen guests including myself. The chatter amongst the others was all about fishing. Ucluelet was hosting the finals of the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby and the buzz was all about the leading catch of a Chinook over 40 Lbs.
As we approached our first location, everyone put on their game face. Soon over the P.A. we heard the words of the skipper saying, “lines in the water folks when you’re ready.” “Splash!” went the infamous lures, not all at the same time, but close. We all fished as the sun continued to rise. The water was like glass where ripples were only seen from our lures entering the water. We fished for about 30-40 minutes with no results when again the P.A. broke the silence, “lines up, we are going to move to find some fish.” Although, no one had caught anything, the boat’s mood was still positive. How could one not be happy on such a beautiful day?  
            I started a conversation with a guest and found out he was a returning guest and had already been here this season a few weeks back. He indicated that on his first trip, he had wished to could extend his visit and he too, was a little sad that the season was coming to an end. He added that he would be returning for certain the following season.
            The day progressed and the skipper worked hard to put us on some fish. We had some luck, but not nearly as much as back in July and August. I felt my spirit drop a little after the full day of fishing had passed and I heard the skipper say, “lines up everyone, time to head home.” Although it was my last trip for this season, I plan to do my best to make this season my first.
            I want to thank Dave Martin for hiring me and giving me the chance at this amazing experience and to wish all the guests and other staff a fond goodbye and safe rest of the year. I truly hope to get the opportunity to return next year for another fantastic summer and to see the same friendly staff and guests once more. I now fully understand what some people mean when they say, “If you truly love your work, it doesn’t feel like work.”
Don Schmidt
Bus Driver/Night Watchman