Dock Talk

Fog, Fish, Fun!

Canadian Princess Resort - July 22, 2012

The Canadian Princess fleet has been fishing under mostly overcast skies the last few days.  Heavy fog banks have been rolling in and out, leaving trails of mist along the water’s surface.  The fog quiets the world out on the water and creates a bit of mystery.  It's a cool experience and everyone around here can agree that fog is better than rain!

Rain, sun, or fog; it doesn’t seem to make a difference to the fish!  This weekend has been full of excitement and we’ve been weighing in lots of fish for happy fishers.

Devon Soza kicked off the weekend with his 20lbs-09oz Chinook salmon, caught on the Long Beach Princess.  Devon was on his first fishing trip at the Canadian Princess Resort and was enjoying the trip with family and friends.  Congratulations on landing the Catch of the Day.

Saturday saw salmon in the 15 to 20 pound range and Halibut averaging 15 pounds.  We had most of the fleet out that day.  Those aboard our regular 45ft and 52ft Deltas Cabin Cruisers were experiencing tight lines as well as on the 20ft Boston Whaler Outrage charters.  Fish were coming in on all the trips!

Today was particularly exciting for the Long Beach Princess and Chinook Princess.  Chris Bates hauled in a decent sized halibut on the Long Beach.  This beauty weighed 37lbs-01oz.  We also weighed in a 16lbs 04oz salmon caught by Chris Cameron on the Chinook Princess.  Way to go boys!

We are still waiting for the afternoon Bottom Fishing to come in.  We should see more action on the docks and coming through the fish house just before dinner time tonight.  Speaking of dinner...have you tried the full crab dinner offered in the Quarter Deck or Stewart Dining Room?

Gone Fishing,