Dock Talk

Hali... What?

Canadian Princess Resort - June 15, 2011

Hali… What?
That’s right. Let your jaw drop for Mr. Scott Clark as he steps off the Long Beach Princess with an enormous prize. Standing on the dock with my camera in hand, I note that the fish is bigger than I am. Furthermore, it takes two crew members to lift the halibut up to the scale for an official weigh-in. At 94.5 lbs., do we have a new season record holder here at the Canadian Princess? Yes folks, yes we do.
While Mr. Clark’s halibut certainly blew us out of the water, I can’t fail to mention other impressive catches that arrived at the dock in the past few days. A 59.8 lb. halibut was also weighed in on Tuesday, as well as a 21.7 lb. salmon.
With all these good catches coming our way, I guess all that’s left is for the Canucks to win Game 7 tonight in Vancouver.
Fish on!