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Halibut, halibut, halibut on Vancouver Island

Canadian Princess Resort - June 7, 2006

Vancouver Island salmon fishing lodgeHalibut, halibut, halibut! Did I mention halibut?! They are coming in by the boatload. There are a few dogfish starting to show up, but it’s well worth it for the halibut and big ling cod that are being caught out at the Big Bank.

June 3rd brought us a lot of halibut to the dock ranging from 20 to 40 pounds, plus Jeffrey Nahanel weighed in a 20 pound Chinook.

June 4th brought us even more halibut to the dock. Among these was a 47 lb hali caught by Jason Neels; Jason also brought in the largest Chinook of the day with a 21 pounder. Nicely done!

June 5th brought us, go figure, even MORE halibut into the resort with the biggest caught by Doug Bovard.

Daniel Walt from Zurich, Switzerland caught himself a 45 lb hali on June 6, and Adam “Thriller” McClymont netted a 28 lb Chinook.

Good times (and halibut) to be had by all!!
Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager

Vancouver Island halibut fishing lodge