Dock Talk

Holy Halibut!

Canadian Princess Resort - June 1, 2012

Yesterday was the day for hali (and salmon too).

We all thought Doug B had the catch of the day and the season when he brought in a 46lb 7oz  hali, but Kurtis D had other plans.

Congratulations to Kurtis D with the Catch of The Day.  A season’s best 59lb 1oz halibut that made the all day fishing trip well worth it.

Kurtis is out again today trying to beat his own record.  Good Fishing, Kurtis.

A hardy welcome back to “Uncle Jack”!  His 17lb 10oz salmon was a close second to Jollean C’s 18lb 11oz.  Both were good enough for 7th place for Jollean and 10th place for Uncle Jack on the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby for May.  Not in the money, but both have been invited back for the September fish-off and a chance at over $260,000 in cash and prizes.

All of our guests who qualify for the September fish-off are eligible for a $99.00 per day room and fishing on a Delta package during the fish-off.  Check out for daily updates.

 A hardy well done to Kevin Barabash with his 26lb 1oz May Derby winner!  A good day fishing and a grand to boot.