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June Fishing Wrap-up

Canadian Princess Resort - July 3, 2006

June is done, and what a month it was! The halibut catch is now up to record numbers, along with an abnormally high number of Ling cod caught offshore as well.

halibut fishing on Vancouver IslandHere are the “Catch of the Day” numbers for the last few days of June:

June 28

  • 40 lb. halibut by Abdoul Ishmeiel of New Westminister, BC
  • 28 lb. Ling cod by Jerry Van Kooten of Everson, WA
  • 53 lb. Ling cod by Jeff Vante of Boise, ID
  • 22 ½ lb. Chinook salmon by Zach Haupt of Salem, OR

June 29

  • 23 lb. Chinook salmon by Robert Stumm of Spokane, WA
  • 27 lb. Chinook salmon by Rhet Lyall of Trail, BC
  • 25 lb. Ling cod by Rich Sanders of Maple Valley, WA
  • 26 lb. Ling cod by Dan Lyall of Trail, BC
  • 46 lb. halibut by Kent Nquyen of Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Island fishingJune 30

  • 21 lb. Chinook salmon by Darren Jones of Abbotsford, BC
  • 33 lb. Chinook salmon by Jack Cockwell of Vancouver, BC
  • 26 lb. Ling cod by Hannah Hill of Mission, BC
  • 42 lb. halibut by Dick Nyberg of Auburn, WA

Nicely done all you June “catch of the day-ers”!

July 1st, Canada Day, was a big success. The local fire department hosted a big bash in the parking lot to celebrate, and as a fund raiser to buy a new rescue truck.

The Ballcock Assembly, with opening act Jason Muellenberg (Ucluelet Princess deckhand), provided tunes from 7pm until midnight. Jim Barkhouse, Kitchen Manager for the Wick, is the drummer for the band, along with Ken Roberts (oh ya that's me), playing rhythm guitar and back up vocals. Jarrod Oye, the Deputy Fire Chief for Ucluelet, plays the bass.

They sounded so hot you could’ve sworn they were on fire!

See ya next time!
Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager

halibut fishing on Vancouver Island