Dock Talk

Just for the Halibut

Canadian Princess Resort - August 16, 2012

These flat faced flounders are fun to catch.  At times it feels like you’re hauling up dead weight and other times these flat fish wriggle themselves silly and put up quite the fight.  Either way, it’s an anglers delight to land a halibut.  They’re delicious to eat and usually come into the boat with some serious poundage and that makes your big fish story more fun to tell!

Here’s what we’ve been catching lately:

 - 54lbs-04oz Halibut caught by Barbara Lester

- 47lbs-07oz Halibut caught by Joe Colonna

- 47lbs-03oz Halibut caught by Todd Murdoch

- 50lbs-03oz Halibut caught by Brian Guibault

Brian was fishing with Skipper Ray on the Boston Whaler Outrage #1.  His Halibut fought the line hard but it was a losing battle and Brian was able to haul it on the boat.  This fish welcomed him into the Captain’s Club, since it was over 50lbs.

He was fishing with his daughter and the halibut wasn’t the only fish caught that day.  Brian told us the strangest thing they caught was a ratfish.  I didn’t even know what that was so I did a little research.

The spotted ratfish can often be seen in the Pacific Northwest by divers at night.  It’s a harmless little shark that gets its name from its rat-like tail.  They are smooth and scaless, are often bronze in colour, and they have white spots along their back.  Their fins extend out like airplane wings and their tail is long and pointed like a rat.  They also have large emerald green eyes that reflect light, just like a cat!

The weather in Ucluelet has been PHENOMENAL.  The sun has been shining nearly every single day with temperatures soaring over 27 degrees celsius.  That is very warm for the west coast!  The forecast calls for some partial cloud over the weekend but temperatures are remaining near the 20 degree mark and the sunshine is returning next week.

Check the weather forecast for Ucluelet here.

Good weather, good fishing, and goodtimes.  We are having a great summer at the Canadian Princess Resort.  Join us?

Gone Fishing,