Dock Talk

Just perfect

Canadian Princess Resort - August 10, 2005

The salmon fishery at the Big Bank and Area 1-23 is absolutely outstanding right now, with 30 lb. plus Chinook coming in daily.  Coho are alo in full force – a 15 pounder was caught today.

The ratio of hatchery versus wild Coho is about 50-50 right now, letting many anglers fill their limits of salmon, along with the stories they tell about nice ones they have to release. 

On today's bottom fishing trip, Geoff Zakaib netted (actually, harpooned) a 91 pound halibut.

The number and quality of the fish caughtby guests in the past few weeks has been staggering.

Congratulations to our latest "Catch of the Day" winners:

  • 63 lb. halibut caught by William Taylor
  • 34 lb. Chinook caught by Paul Simpson
  • 15l b. Coho caught by Andrew Gitt
  • 54 lb. halibut caught by Steve Swetltishoff

Nice work, fishermen!