Dock Talk

Limit out!

Canadian Princess Resort - August 19, 2011

Well the sun is setting on another beautiful day with temperatures getting into the 20s. I was told that the Barkley Princess would be coming in with a large fish to weigh so I headed down to the docks around 5pm. Skipper Dave and deckhand Colin took out 13 individuals for a full day fishing trip. It is peaceful in the afternoon sun watching the seagulls dive effortlessly through the air while the smolt circles in the protected harbour water. Smoke gently rises at the campground across the way and I watch as guests enjoy their patios over this breathtaking view.
Finally the Barkley Princess rounds the corner and the peace and stillness is broken. All I can hear is a buzz between crew and clients and I am suddenly surrounded my smiling faces. I have seen this before. As the fish start coming off the boat I realize it was not one fish I was called for but most fish. It turns out everyone limited out on salmon and six weighed in above 23 pounds with 1 Tyee! Well done boys! August shows her true colour once more.
Full day fishing trips are a relatively new offer here at the Canadian Princess. For the same amount of time as an afternoon trip and at the same cost, the all day fishing trip has the advantage of not having to come to port before heading back out again. This saves about two hours which can then be spent on the water fishing. So if you’re looking to fish in the afternoon, trust me, you’ll want to go for the full day.
From the bridge,
-Chris White