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My 1st Blog Ever

Canadian Princess Resort - May 9, 2012

Hello!  My name is Peter and I am the new Assistant Front Office manager at the Canadian Princess Fishing Resort in sunny (and yes the Sun does shine) Ucluelet.  I have been living in Ukee for 10 years now and am really looking forward to my first season with “The Ship”.

Today I am doing a bit of cross training with Caylin at Painter’s Lodge in Campbell River.  Coincidently, I was here just over 10 years ago visiting friends.  It is all that I remember and more.  The desk staff are very friendly and did not even crack a grin when I told them about my directionally challenged drive here (I have got to learn how to ask for directions).

After dropping my bags off in my room I headed over to the Tyee Pub to grab a burger and catch the last of the Jersey / Philly game (go Jersey), where much to my surprise I found Harvey, (not the rabbit) one of our skippers over here to pick up the first of the Whalers we will be running in Ucluelet this season.

I don’t often get a good night’s sleep my first night in a hotel, but last night was as close has I’ve come in some time.

After a hearty breakfast, they had a “Meat Lovers” breakfast special of ham, bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs and cheese all baked in a skillet, I met up with Caylin (on what I have come to find out is her last day here). 

She has been showing me the ropes so to speak.  This Media Training has been interesting and a bit challenging so far for an old Luddite like me.

I am looking forward to learning more about this new technology stuff and keeping all you fishers updated on the comings and goings at the Canadian Princess this year.