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New May Madness Chinook Record!

Canadian Princess Resort - May 9, 2006

Halibut fishing on Vancouver IslandIt was another beautiful, sunny day out on the west coast of Vancouver Island today. Lately, the winds have been a bit challenging… a challenge we accept.

Today, for example, Vincent Cheung, of Vancouver, B.C., hauled in a 44 pound halibut, almost reaching the standing record for May.

Yesterday, Aaron Heath, of Coquitlam, B.C., brought in a 19 pound Chinook, beating the previous record of 16 pounds and earning the lead spot in the May Madness Derby!

So the weights for the May Madness Derby as are follows:

  • Halibut - 45 pounds
  • Chinook - 19 pounds

There is plenty of time left to go in May, and many, MANY, fish left to be caught.

They are waiting for you!
Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager
Canadian Princess Resort

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