Dock Talk

Perfect Time to See Whales

Canadian Princess Resort - September 8, 2011

As we’re getting into September here, the late summer heat is really creating a July feel for life on the west coast. I was talking to some travelers yesterday who were enjoying this recent heat spell we’ve been having. They said it must be like this all the time and that the rainforest here on the west coast is a smoke screen to keep the secret for the locals. I could only smile and nod for when it is sunny here, there are no bugs and the temperature is just right. Everything is green and before us are the mountains meeting the ocean. It is a beautiful sight and therefore makes for one of the more special times of year here on the west coast. As we get into later September and October, the great Grey whale migration of over 25,000 animals will once more be underway. From the Bearing Sea to the Sea of Cortez, they are about to begin the longest mammal migration on earth for the second time this year. We are running whale watching trips through September 18th and with %25 discounts on both rooms and whale watching tours, it could make for the perfect late season get away.
            If you can’t make it out to stay with us before the 18th, don’t worry. The lodging side of the resort will be open until the 5th of October. Enjoy a peaceful evening in one of our shore side rooms and make sure to get out to the lighthouse on the tip of the Wild Pacific Trail, just five minutes from the Canadian Princess to see these magnificent creatures heading south. Here till October myself, I find myself loving September life on the west coast.
From the bridge,
-Chris White