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Salmon and...Sunfish?

Canadian Princess Resort - September 4, 2012

“Ucluelet is packed with adventure,” said Katherine Bragg after her fishing trip.  “It even begins with the drive out here!”

Katherine and her daughter Amy came all the way from London, Ontario for this west coast adventure.  Katherine grew up fishing with her parents in the rivers and lakes of Ontario.  This salt water fishing trip with Skipper Lynette aboard the Nootka Princess was a whole new experience.

“I caught a Chinook salmon the first hour of fishing,” shared Katherine.  “Surprisingly it didn’t put up much of a fight.  I just reeled it in using tactics I learned on TV.  I let the fish tire and reeled it onto the boat!”

Katherine’s fish was the salmon Catch of the Day weighing in at an even 28 pounds.  What a great fish to end off the Labour Day long weekend!

When you are fishing in Ucluelet you’ll experience a lot more than just reeling in the likes of salmon and halibut, although that is our favourite part of the fishing trip.  You will also get the opportunity to observe the strange and wonderful wildlife we share our waters with.  On most trips a Gray or Humpback whale is spotted, curious sea lions come to say hello, and bald eagles can be seen soaring above.  Katherine Bragg experienced a very rare and exciting wildlife sighting.

“I saw the strangest looking fish floating just under the surface of the water.”  Katherine continued to tell her story, “I was told it’s called a sunfish and that name suits it well!”

The Ocean sunfish is one of the most peculiar looking fish in our waters.  It is the heaviest known bony fish in the world.  These massive fish can weigh an average of 2200 pounds!  Its body is flattened and its entire body resembles a fish head.  This fish is often as tall as it is long.

These fish are native to temperate and tropical waters of nearly every ocean on earth.  When they are sighted they usually look like they are just drifting along the surface of the water, however, they have been recorded cruising over 25km a day at over 3km an hour.

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The forecast is calling for sunny skies for the rest of the week.  The last day of fishing at the Canadian Princess Resort is September 9th!  After that shore rooms will still be available starting at $99 based on double occupancy.  What are you waiting for?

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