Dock Talk

Salmon & Sealions

Canadian Princess Resort - August 17, 2012

He had something on the line, maybe a salmon around the 10 pound range, when the sea lion grabbed a hold of it!  Chinook that size make a really nice salmon dinner and apparently the sea lion wanted it almost as bad as Alex Craig did.  Not bad enough, however, to win the fight!

After a short struggle Alex managed to reel in his 11lbs-04oz Chinook.  Victory was his! It may have had a few sea lion bite marks in it but it's still good!  It looked fantastic beside his Dad Bill’s 14lbs-03oz Chinook and definitely gave him a good story to tell.

Bill and Alex Craig have been guests at the Canadian Princess Resort for the last three days.  They’ve literally travelled across the entire country to fish in our Pacific waters.  They are avid fishermen both fresh and salt water but fish mostly in the Atlantic near their home in Nova Scotia.

The biggest fish caught on their trip was a 26lbs-9oz Chinook boated by Bill.  Besides watching his son fight a sea lion of his salmon, Bill said landing this fish was the highlight of his trip!

We have been getting reports of wild life sightings from our fishing trips as well as our wildlife cruises.  Humpback and Gray whales, both Stellar and California sea lions, seals, and bald eagles are among the magnificent wildlife we’ve been watching out on the water.  Wildlife Cruises leave the Canadian Princess every afternoon – book yours today!

Gone Fishing,