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The halis are coming!

Canadian Princess Resort - May 31, 2006

Vancouver Island fishingIt has been a busy week here at the Canadian Princess on Vancouver Island. Since Saturday, the resort has been full and the buzz all around was our May Madness fishing derby.

Today is the last day of the derby; who are the winners?

  • Chris Prochak — 75 lb halibut
  • Robert Clausen — 33 lb Chinook

Congratulations to both of our 2006 May Madness derby winners! The each won a free trip to the Canadian Princess in 2007!

Other news this week… the halibut are here!!! The halibut are here!! And in full force.

Many guests limited out over the last two days with some tasty “chicken” halibut. On May 29th, the 'buts started their annual show of power with a scores of flat ones arriving at the dock. On May 30th it got even better. And today, the last day of May, brought us our best halibut fishing this season. Oh ya! Not to mention an awesome haul of Lingcod.

Remember fisherpeople: June 1st means that marked (hatchery) Cohos are allowed to be kept!!

Fish on!
Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager

Vancouver Island fishing