Dock Talk

Vancouver Island Fishing Update

Canadian Princess Resort - July 9, 2007

Vancouver Island salmon fishingA spell of nice weather has hit us for the past week and with that the hali have returned.

In the past few days halibut fishing has been picking up with more than 50 coming in the other day and quite a few larger ones including a few in the mid 40s and 50s. Top halibut catches include both 63 and 77 ½ lb. fish.

Salmon fishing is staying the same course it's already on. We're getting quite a few, most in the last teens and early 20s. The Coho are still around as well and we're seeing a few come in.

Bottom fishing is fantastic as usual. The boats are coming in with their limits of cod and close to it on Lings whenever they go out.

The weather is supposed to stay about the same for the next while and it's absolutly gorgeous. You couldn't ask for better fishing conditions.

Vancouver Island salmon fishingHere are our recent catches of the day…

July 1

  • 13 lb. Yellow Eye caught by Tyson Neslee of Renton, WA
  • 31 lb. Lingcod caught by Donald Ellior of Kelowna, BC
  • 45 lb. halibut caught by Darla Cardy of Cobble Hill, BC
  • 15 lb. Chinook caught by Kristin Crook of Vancouver, WA

July 3

  • 63 lb. halibut caught by Bruce Butenko of Sammamish, WA
  • 14 lb. Chinook caught by Jim Calsyn of Everett, WA
  • 14 lb. Chinook caight by Kyle Loats of Langdon, AB

July 4

  • 35 lb. halibut caught by Henry Sourial of Salt Spring Island, BC
  • 12 ½ lb. Chinook caught by Don Loro of Rosedale, AB

July 5

  • 32 lb. Lingcod caught by Tyler Romanisson of Surrey, BC
  • 18 lb. halibut caught by Ishmael Abdoul of New Westminster, BC

July 6

  • 51 ½ lb. halibut caught by Mike Dizard of St Bothell, WA
  • 77 ½ lb. halibut caught by Trevor Pamac of Chilliwack,BC

July 7

  • 18 ½ lb. halibut caught by James Dizard of Everett, WA
  • 22 lb. Chinook caught by Eric Breelche of Seattle, WA

Nathan Petrowitz
Charters Manager, Canadian Princess Resort
Ucluelet, Vancouver Island