Dock Talk

Vancouver Island Fishing Update

Canadian Princess Resort - June 11, 2006

Vancouver Island halibut fishingOver the last several days we have been seeing an increase of salmon numbers caught in the area, including a nice assortment of “hatchery” Coho. The crew and guests are ecstatic.

Along with the continual loads of halibut coming to the dock, and the massive balls of baitfish everywhere, it is shaping up to be a busy summer for the dockhands, cleaning and packing fish all day long.

Some “catch of the day” winners over the last few days:

June 7th

  • 34 pound Ling cod caught by Ron Segebarth, Washington
  • 22 pound Chinook caught by Rich Bittner, Alberta

June 8th

  • 35 pound halibut caught by Paul Griffin, British Columbia

June 9th

  • 40 pound halibut caught by Jim Harder, British Columbia
  • 18 pound Chinook cuaght by Ben White, Saskatchewan

Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager