Dock Talk

Weekend Update

Canadian Princess Resort - June 21, 2010

handsome trout It's our second weekend of the season and more fish keep finding their way onto our hooks than on each day passed.  In fact Sundays tours brought in so many fish, we had to have our general manager Brian Clarkson down to the docks to help unload the haul.  Several of our boats last weekend caught there Salmon limit, and so moved on to fishing for Halibut and bottom fish and still continued to haul 'em up like they were saving their lives.

Our chartered flights are now operating between Vancouver and Tofino, and we returned our first flight to the airport with almost 800 lbs of fish between 26 people!  We are all making friends with our guests from throughout Canada. Some as far east as Ontario, others as far south as Arizona and Texas and still others from just around the corner!  It has been a pleasure to play host to such an array of terrific people.  I've met people at the airport, coming off the boats, and relaxing in our lounge or out on our patio, and i've really enjoyed the stories of where everyone is from, and their days out fishing.  

Hope you manage to find your way out here, as all our hopes for a bumper season seem to be rapidly coming to fruition!  Until then - happy travels.

Cheers from the Princess - MB

For Coco