Dock Talk

Weighing In

Canadian Princess Resort - August 28, 2012

I looked over the railing from the deck of the Canadian Princess to the docks below.  All of the boats were coming in, one by one, after a morning of fishing.  Guests filed off the boats shaking the hands of their Skippers with grins wide and limits filled.

I know it’s a good day when I see a crowd moving together from one boat to the other end of the dock where the scale is.  There must be a pretty good catch coming off of that boat and all the anglers want to see just how good it really is!  On this day there were several small crowds, moving along like little mobs excited to see if their fishing friend landed the Catch of the Day.

William Fu experienced a bought of beginners luck on the Long Beach Princess with Skipper Don and deckhand Koko.  He had never been fishing before but managed to land 7 fish total on his trip.  Some of which were released and one of which gave him the bragging rights for landing the Catch of the Day for salmon.  His 27lbs-08oz Chinook deserves that fishy kiss!

Next up is Robert James with his 26lbs salmon caught on the Barkley Princess with Skipper Dave and deckhand Yarrow.

The third remarkable fish was reeled in by Mike Haukenberry, also fishing with Dave and Yarrow on the Barkley Princess.  This 18lbs-02oz Halibut was crowned the hali Catch of the Day, and is almost as big as Mike’s smile.

Guests are happily departing with full coolers and great memories.  The end of our season is on the horizon and we invite you to come out fishing with us soon.  We have fish on the line, hearty meals coming out of our kitchen, and plenty of beer on tap...who could ask for anything more?

Gone Fishing,