Dock Talk

Welcome to the CP in 2005!

Canadian Princess Resort - May 4, 2005

Week one for the Canadian Princess has already been and gone! We have had weather conditions ranging from hot sun, low cloud to a misty haze over our skies, and a steady ocean that was "just like being at the lake" as reported by one of our crew. The month-long May Madness derby is in full swing. The record to date is held by Steve from Whistler, BC with a 23lb. Chinook and Brent of Calgary, AB with a 59lb. halibut - congratulations guys!! Runners up in our "May Madness" extravaganza are Warren of Pomeroy, WA with a 22lb. Chinook and a close race between Chad of Sedro Wooley, WA and Chris of Vancouver, BC with 39lb. and 35 lb. halibut! Our Fish Manager here at the CP has noted that fishing has been doing quite well for this time of the season, foreshadowing an exciting season to come! Come fish with us as our "May Madness" continues! Tight Lines and Good Luck!!!