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What's Happening at the CP?

Canadian Princess Resort - September 6, 2012

The September Long Weekend was enjoyed by all here at the Canadian Princess Resort.  Both staff and guests had a wonderful weekend of fishing, spending time with friends and family in the restaurant and lounge, and definitely enjoyed the extra holiday day!

We received this message from Remi Merten’s and Laurie Desaulniers who were fishing with a group of 8 on the Long Beach Princess on September 2nd.

“Got back from beautiful Ucuelet last night, short but sweet trip! Joel and I brought home together 2 halibuts, 1 spring, 2 soles and 2 ling cods! I had so much fun.  Sea sickness is never going to get me down ever again! Thanks great CP team.. skipper Don, Coco,..server Ceri! I am never going to forget that trip!"

Photo:  “Do you need to catch halibut?  We call this picture “ANITAFISH” taken September 2nd on the Long Beach Princess.”

Thank you for sharing the photo and the positive comments.  We hope you can come back and fish with us next summer!

While this group of happy fishers were layering the deck of the Long Beach Princess with fresh fish, the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby was wrapping up its third season.  The derby officially closed at sunset on September 3rd.

In third place for August was our guest Jordan West.  He was fishing and staying with the Canadian Princess Resort when he landed a 32lb-03oz Chinook out at the Southwest Corner on August 26th.  His prize is valued at $1000 and is invited back to the Fish Off tomorrow and Friday.  We wish him a hearty congratulations and hope to see him out on the water this weekend.  Thank you for supporting salmon enhancement on the west coast!

Things are going to be very busy off the shores of Ucluelet for the next two days as anglers head out to compete in the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby’s Fish Off.  A whopping $250,000 Hidden Weight prize is up for grabs as well as other huge cash and prizes valued at tens of thousands of dollars.  There are several guests of the Canadian Princess Resort who have been invited to the Fish Off.  We wish them TIGHT LINES.  Let’s show everyone how it’s done.

Gone Fishing,