Dock Talk

2nd halibut ever

Canadian Princess Resort - September 4, 2011

As the sunrise came over Mount Ozzard, one could tell it was going to be another beautiful day. The pastels splashed over the water like paint finding a white canvas. Half an hour through our journey, I once again had already felt as if I had got what I came for.
            The atmosphere of the morning as it continued was jolly and upbeat. When someone would yell fish on, others would join in the quire. When fish landed on the boat, people would slap the rod holders with open hands making a distinct popping noise. A fish would hit the deck and I would hear “plop, plop, plop.”
            I met James Zolty today and watched him as he caught his 2nd halibut ever; the first being yesterday. It gave him a fight to remember and every time he would get it close to the surface, the fish would run on him. He was all smiles though when he got it in the net and tells me afterwards that he himself is now hooked. Looks like we’ll be finishing the season here with a bang!
From the bridge,
-Chris White