Dock Talk

A Lifetime of Fishing

Canadian Princess Resort - August 3, 2012

“I’ve been coming to the west coast of Vancouver Island for nearly 35 years,” said Bob Rigdon.  We were coming back from a morning of fishing at the South Bank on the Salmon Princess.  Bob was on a two day fishing trip with his son Brian.  Both Bob and Brian were visiting from the Lower Mainland.

“I have been fishing off and on with the Canadian Princess Resort for decades.  I always request Keith as my Skipper too,” shared Bob.

Bob had invited his son Brian to fish with him in Ucluelet a few years ago.  At the last minute Brian had to cancel the trip.  A stroke of good luck allowed Brian to take his Dad on this special father-son trip.

“I won $10,000 on a quick hit slot machine in Abbotsford!  I thought this would be the greatest way to make it up to my Dad for missing out on that fishing trip a few years ago,” shared Brian Rigdon.  “I was able to take my Dad on this trip with some of the winnings.  We’re having a great time!”

Both father and son had another stroke of good luck on the water that morning.  Brian landed a coho and a decent sized halibut.  Bob also caught a good halibut and at the last minute reeled up a very nice Chinook salmon.

“It was near the end of the trip and my back was starting to get sore so I decided to sit down for a while.  Then I thought to drop my line again at the last minute.  It was literally the 11th hour when I brought up this nice 13lbs salmon,” shared Bob with a smile.

The conversation on the Salmon Princess went on and I learned that Bob used to take trips up to Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) in the 1970’s.  He fished with Oak Bay Marine Group’s Salmon Seeker for many years.  When the Canadian Princess Resort opened in Ucluelet he started taking trips out to the west coast of Vancouver Island instead.

Bob’s Chinook salmon was the biggest salmon caught that morning on the Salmon Princess.  Way to go!

It is people like Bob and Brian Rigdon that make the Canadian Princess Resort such an incredible place.  Being able to help create a lifetime of fishing memories, the opportunity for families to bond, and to be a part of their adventure is so special to us.

We hope to be there for many more years as you embark on west coast adventures, reel in the catch of the day, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Gone Fishing,