Dock Talk

A Salmon Day

Canadian Princess Resort - July 26, 2012

“Today was a salmon day!” was the first thing Front Desk staff said when I asked how the morning fishing trips made out.  They weren’t kidding!  The anglers on the Nootka Princess caught a total of seventeen salmon this morning.  Fourteen of those were caught within the first half an hour of the trip!

It is a sport fishing tradition that when you catch your very first salmon you have to eat its raw heart.  Although most feel a little squeamish at the thought of it, they always complete the task like a complete champion.  Yesterday we had a lot of first-time salmon catchers on the Nootka Princess and Ucluelet Princess.  That means a lot of fresh salmon heart went down the gullet.  Don’t worry, it’s good for you!

Jenna Allan caught a 16lbs-05oz pound Halibut on the Ucluelet Princess.  She was fishing for the first time with her boyfriend.  She also caught a lingcod and salmon.  Since it was her first salmon she completed her salmon heart sacrifice on the boat out at the fishing grounds.  Way to go Jenna!

The Boston Whaler Outrage #1 had a great day today as well.  Charles Lane caught this beautiful 20lbs 02oz slab with the Whaler’s Skipper Ray. 

The bite was one and reports indicate bigger fish coming our way.  I’ll be fishing tomorrow morning and I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrow is also a salmon day.  I have my ticket for the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby and hope to weigh in a derby contending fish for this month.  For more information about the derby visit them at

I've caught my share of salmon over the years so I won't be having raw salmon heart for breakfast!

Gone Fishing,