Dock Talk

All in a day at the Canadian Princess

Canadian Princess Resort - June 22, 2011


Waiting outside the Tofino airport, I watch as the Pacific Coastal Airlines’ Shorts 360 lands smoothly on the runway. A cheer goes up and I know that I’m in for a rambunctious ride back to the resort. Sure enough, bus driver Don Schmitt and I are greeted by one of the guests closing the bus door and promising to take everyone (except us) safely back to the resort. Lucky for Don and me, we get let back on the bus and the ride home begins.
It’s simply another group of guys all coming out to fish and have a great time with their buddies. Once at the resort, I see them to the front office and cheerfully make my way down to the docks where this afternoon’s boat is coming in.
The Barkley Princess arrives after an afternoon of salmon and halibut fishing with an impressive fish on board. Betty Hayes fought long and hard for her 26 lb. salmon this afternoon and stands proudly next to it at the scale.
It’s been a good couple days folks. Fish on!