Dock Talk

August Finishes Strong!

Canadian Princess Resort - September 1, 2012

The Canadian Princess Resort ended August with a bang!  We kicked off the Labour Day long weekend with tight lines and boat loads of fish!  Here is report of the some of the fish brought into the docks to be weighed in just yesterday alone.

Evon and Lyod Greig did well on the Boston Whaler #3 with Skipper Chris.  Evon caught a 16lbs-08oz Chinook and Lloyd reeled in a whopping 26lbs-05oz Chinook.  Here is a Lloyd posing with his catch.

There was another couple fishing on one of our Bostom Whaler Outrages.  Blair and Gloria were fishing with Skipper Kyle on the Whaler #5 when Blair reeled in a 27lbs-03oz Halibut. 

Gloria did well too.  She boated a nice 15lbs-05oz Halibut.

That's not all they weighed in!  Blair brought a 17lbs Chinook to the dock and Gloria a with a 11lbs-04oz Chinook.  These two will be eating well this fall!

Scott Clark caught a 22lbs-01oz Chinook on the Barkley Princess fishing with Skipper Dave Payne.

The Chinook Princess saw some action as well!  Joshua Bautista landed a beautiful 31lbs Halibut with Skipper Russel.  Meanwhile, Nick ross was busy reeling in his 12lbs-05oz Chinook aboard the Long Beach Princess with Skipper Don.

All of these fish mentioned are just the ones they decided to weigh in at the docks.  Guests are reporting tightlines on all trips catching the likes of salmon, halibut, lingcod and all kinds of rock fish.  August finished off strong and we are excited to see what comes into the docks during this first week of September.

Gone Fishing,