Dock Talk

Double Whammy

Canadian Princess Resort - August 15, 2012

If you were Frank Kinnaird you would be kissing this fish too!

This 30lbs-12oz Chinook salmon was reeled in by our guest Frank who was visiting us from Langley, BC.  Not only does it give him a very hearty welcome into the  Captain’s Club for weighing over 30 pounds, it also put him on the ladder for the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby.

Any guest who catches a Tyee, a Chinook salmon weighing 30lbs or more, becomes a member of the Captain’s Club.  Tyee is a coastal First Nations word that means “Chief”.    If you land a coho over 15lbs or a Halibut over 50lbs you are welcomed into the Captain's Club as well.

Since Frank had his derby ticket he is now on the ladder for August and all of Augusts fish are invited to the big Fish Off on September 7th and 8th.  We hope he comes back and fishes with us then!  Up for grabs is a $250,000 Hidden Weight Grand Prize and I’m sure that’s incentive enough for Frank to come and drop another line off of a princess boat!

Many guests of the Canadian Princess Resort are registering fish in the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby recently.  We wish them all the luck and hope the next big cash prize winner is an angler with the CP!  If you would like to keep track of all the fish coming into the derby for the rest of the month you can view the ladder itself on the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby homepage.

Gone Fishing,