Dock Talk

Father Daughter Fishing

Canadian Princess Resort - July 16, 2012

Think about the excitement you feel when you realize something has taken the bait.  The exhilaration increases when you feel the struggle...there must be something big on the end of that line!  Imagine the sense of accomplishment that comes over you when you've finally landed the Catch of the Day, and you'll reap the rewards of bringing home a bounty of freshly caught fish.

Fishing is more than just a sport.  It's an opportunity to experience all of that excitement and accomplishment with your friends and family.  More often than not, anglers go on fishing trips with other anglers.  They share the experience with a group of buddies, colleagues, their spouse, brother, sister, grandparents, or with their children.

We had the pleasure of meeting Brian Hill and Debbie Shepherd who were on a father-daughter fishing trip yesterday.  They were fishing on the Boston Whaler #3 with Chris Scales as their guide.  Memories were made while reeling in salmon, rock fish, and a massive Halibut!

Brian Hill landed our Halibut Catch of the Day with a fish that weighed in at 46lbs-07oz.  It seemed to be no problem for Brian as he had it in the boat within 15 minutes of the initial bite.  With that slab combined with their other catches these two are bringing home a significant score.

The Whaler’s weren’t the only boats seeing action that day.  Rick Zimoch was fishing out at Southbank aboard the Barkley Princess when he caught our salmon Catch of the Day.  His fish weighed 20lbs-08oz.  He was so excited about his success on the Barkley Princess he signed up for a Bottom Fishing trip and was back on the water within an hour for the rest of the afternoon.

The weather has been more than cooperative over the last week or so.  We are weighing in fish under sunny skies and the conditions out on the water have been pretty good too.

Gone Fishing,