Dock Talk

First fish

Canadian Princess Resort - July 18, 2011

I can still remember the first fish I ever caught. I was five years old in the Bahamas sitting off a dock with a piece of line and a hook. Two people next to me had some conk, a type of sea mollusk. They saw that I was not having much luck and gave me a piece to use as bait. Low and behold, a yellow and black angelfish took the bait and the ensuing fight, as brief as it was me pulling the line out of the water, is a moment I am sure to never forget.
I tell this story while looking at Jared Hejzlar’s catch, a 26.1 Lb. Chinook. I don’t know if it was Jared’s first fish, but it most definitely was his biggest. I talked to him briefly and from what I gathered, it is not an experience he is likely to forget. So whether you are looking to relive old memories, or are still searching for that excitement of your first catch, come out and give it a try.
From the bridge,
-Chris White