Dock Talk

First Time's the Charm?

Canadian Princess Resort - July 13, 2011

Did you hear that Zach Wiles ate a horseshoe for breakfast? I didn’t, but that’s what the seasoned fishermen aboard the Salmon Princess today will tell you.
As we stood around the scale on the docks, the same fishermen tried to convince me that the only way Mr. Wiles would recognize the ocean was if he fell in it. A grinning young Mr. Wiles shook his head and said, “A halibut and a salmon! I put all these guys to shame.”
It was a pretty good morning for this first time fisherman out on the water. Not only did Mr. Wiles reel in two fish but he also claimed catch of the day for his Chinook salmon, which weighed in at 23.2 lbs. on our scale.
We’re well into July now; the sun’s been shining and the fish have been biting. Rest assured, even if the sunny July weather is going away for the next couple days, the fish are still on!
Keep lookin’ for those sunny skies,