Dock Talk

Fish like BC Day!

Canadian Princess Resort - August 2, 2005

Monday was BC Day and it was also an excellent fishing day...

  Our morning tide reeled in a huge number of Chinook, scores of Coho, and dozens of halibut.  We had a full fleet out there and they all filled up at Area 1-23 and Big Bank! 

Our "Catch of the Day" yesterday was a 35 lb. halibut caught by Richard Quilles and a beautiful 38 lb. Chinook caught by George Alvarez!  Congratulations!

Today's "Catch of the Day" was a 73 lb. halibut caught by Steve Meske and a 25 lb. Chinook caught by Lloyd Davis – nice work, anglers!

The sun is shing after a bit of a downpour, so come on out to the Canadian Princess!