Dock Talk

His Highlight? The Halibut!

Canadian Princess Resort - August 20, 2012

It’s a thrill to catch your first Halibut, especially if you have never been fishing before.  Jim Mochizuki was over-the-moon excited to tell us about his experience on the Salmon Princess with Skipper Keith. 

“The fish put up a fight and you think they are going to weigh a lot more than they do when you finally bring them up!” Jim told our crew on the docks last week.  “We caught a lot of fish!”

The 18lbs-07oz Halibut Jim caught will give him a fish story to tell.  It gave the kind of fight a 50 pounder would put up but still, at over 18 pounds gave Jim bragging rights.  This hali was that day’s Catch of the Day.

Jim and his group of four friends were on a west coast fishing holiday from Kamloops, BC.

“We had great weather, plenty of sunshine, and good people on board,” said Jim.  “The highlight for me was catching a halibut!”

Gone Fishing,