Dock Talk

Introducing the Scorpion Fish

Canadian Princess Resort - July 29, 2012

It’s scaleless, boney, and normally has 11 spines on the dorsal fine.  Broad mouth filled with what seems like hundreds of tiny sharp teeth.  The genus name is Scorpaenichthys marmoratus which directly translates to scorpion fish.  It’s fins fan out, it's eyes buldge, and it almost looks like it has a mustache.

“They are a strange, ugly fish!” exclaimed Judy Wright this afternoon.  She was fishing with her husband Steve both yesterday and today.  The strangest things they pulled out of the water were cabezon fish but it wasn’t the only thing they caught.

Steve and Judy limited out on all species on both days.  This morning Judy reeled in a 22lbs-09oz halibut that was crowned Catch of the Day

The day before Judy landed her scorpion fish, and her beautiful halibut, Mark Allen was getting bite after bite aboard the Coho Princess.  He was fishing with his wife Brenda and Daughter Sidney when he hauled up a 21.7lbs halibut. 

Mark told us that landing the Catch of the Day was the most memorable thing that happened on his vacation so far.  He also mentioned he loved the wildlife and was able to see whales, seals, eagles, and giraffes.  GIRAFFES?  Very funny Mark, we’ll have to add that to our brochure.  :-)

The ocean has been mostly calm.  The weather is fairly warm, cloudy for the most part but clearing with sunny periods at the offshore fishing grounds.  All day trips have had the opportunity to cook up some of their catch right on board and enjoy the bounty for an on-the-water lunch.  Now that sounds like the perfect fishing day to me!

Gone Fishing,