Dock Talk

Loads of hali and big Chinook

Canadian Princess Resort - August 8, 2006

I tell ya, this season has been unreal for halibut catches.

Ling cod as are still coming in in record numbers, as well.

Salmon are coming in in beautiful sizes, too, with many over-30-lbers coming in every day. The water color is turning to a great color for salmon fishing, which is a slightly brown tinge.

Our coolers are ready for the loads… bring it on!

Here are the catch of the day winners over the last week:

Vancouver Island fishing lodge

August 3

  • 55 lb halibut by Paul Zuehlsdorff of Puyallup, WA
  • 20 lb Chinook by Dan Hadden of Maple Ridge, BC

August 4

  • 45 lb halibut by Ruby Dunsmore of Seattle, WA
  • 32 lb Chinook by Tim Dyson of Kelowna, BC
Vancouver Island fishing lodge

Vancouver Island fishing lodgeAugust 5

  • 43 lb halibut by Mack Warwick of Maple Ridge, BC
  • 23 lb Chinook by Dan Lyidecker of Orcas Island, WA

August 6

  • 50 lb halibut by Jubal Helms of Benton City, WA
  • 38 lb Chinook by Ian Vollman of Langley, BC

August 7

  • 28 lb halibut by Johannes Helander of Bellevue, WA
Vancouver Island fishing lodge

August 8

  • 55 lb halibut by Gerald Boychuk of Andaster, ON
  • 32 lb Chinook by Kristine Sawchuk of Vancouver, BC
  • 30 lb Chinook by Allen Meeuwsen of Banks, OR

Nicely done, fisher-folks!

Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager, Canadian Princess Resort
Vancouver Island