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May Madness Derby Update

Canadian Princess Resort - May 17, 2007

The May Madness records so far are: Brandon Yee with a 27lb Chinook and Matt Boots with his 32 lb halibut.

Fishing is picking up as the season progresses. A few derby groups have come through — they had a tonne of fun and also caught there fair share of fish.

Here are the latest catches-of-the-day

May 10

  • 23lb Halibut by Ron Rapacz from Seattle, WA
  • 11.5lb Chinook by Nick Parshall from Auburn, WA

May 11

  • 9lb Halibut by James Stewart from Rainier, WA
  • 25lb Chinook by Gordon Wibbens from Mukilteo, WA

May 12

  • 6lb Halibut by Larry Morris from Shawnigan Lake, BC
  • 7lb Chinook by Cliff Cloutier from Snoqualmie, WA

May 13

  • 14lb Halibut by Larry Morris from Shawnigan Lake, BC
  • 10lb Chinook by Marina Stevenson from Courtney, BC
  • 22lb Lingcod by Teresa Swift from Victoria, BC

May 14

  • 10.5lb Halibut by Bob Sibbald from Victoria, BC
  • 27lb Chinook by Brandon Yee from Creekside Place, OR

May 15

  • 15lb Chinook by Tom Burdan from Calgary, AB

May 16

  • 9lb Halibut by Fred Dimmitt from Orting, WA
  • 12lb Chinook by Al Dimmitt from Seattle, WA

Canadian Princess Resort
Ucluelet, Vancouver Island