Dock Talk

Quiet Beginnings

Canadian Princess Resort - May 16, 2011

Walking down to the Canadian Princess this morning, a foggy mist envelops Ozzard Mountain and the surrounding inlet. The tide is low, exposing the filter feeding barnacles and algae attached to the scattered rocks that make up the intertidal zone. 
It is quiet at the Canadian Princess as we have yet to open. On closer examination though, one can observe a soft buzz as the staff works away to prepare for opening day on June 2nd. Sounds of brushes can be heard scrubbing the decks and siding of the Princess as her cream white coulor is brought to a shine. Hammers are heard over in the resort itself as the buildings are made strong and new hires are recruited for what looks to be a busy and promising 2011 summer season.
Everyone seemed very excited and ready to get this year’s fishing season underway. I look forward to watching the flags rise signaling our opening as the day quickly approaches.
-Chris White