Dock Talk

Step aboard the Canadian Princess

Canadian Princess Resort - July 9, 2011

Welcome aboard the Canadian Princess. Today we take a tour of what lies below her decks. Step into The Chart Room Lounge after a morning of fishing to enjoy a pint and some food while you swap stories of the day out at sea.
The quarter deck located at the rear of the ship offers a place for groups to hang out, play cards, and watch some sport. Before the ship's conversion into the Canadian Princess, I’ve heard that it was completely open to the outside.
The Purser’s Lounge located just bow side of the quarter deck offers a more intimate area to sit and relax. Enjoy a movie with friends or jump onto one of our two work stations and surf the web.
Hanging out on the port side on the main deck offers a view of the arriving boats and the filleting of the fish. Come down to the dock to check out the weigh in for the catch of the day at the stern of the boat.
For dinner, pass through the Chart Room Lounge and descend into the Stewart dining room where you are able to enjoy a classy dinning experience with nightly dinner specials from our onboard kitchen. 
Finally, to rest ones head before beginning another busy day of fishing at 5:45am, retreat back to one of our onboard rooms. They are cozy and offer a unique perspective of how some of the crew slept while the formally William J. Stewart cruised the west coast conducting hydrographic surveys. Of course some upgrades have been made along the way to accommodate our guests. There is also our land based accommodation for those who are seeking out a more traditional style of comfort.
From the bridge,
-Chris White