Dock Talk

Summer is Here!

Canadian Princess Resort - June 28, 2012

Summer is here!  And yes, the weather was and is nice (most of the time).

And yes, this is a little late but here goes:

All aboard at 10:30 am for a ship history tour:  Tours of our 80 year old Canadian Princess, formally the William J. Stewart, are given each day for any and all interested in our maritime past.  Start at the Bridge, then go on to explore Monkey Island, the Captain’s Cabin, the Chart Room, the dining hall, the officers cabins, the crew cabins just to name a few of the very interesting features of our beloved ship.

Participants have been enjoying the experience and asking many, many questions of their knowledgeable tour guide.

Congratulations to Barry V for hitting the “Catch of the Day” two days running with a 25lb 5oz halibut on the 16th and a 48lb 5oz halibut on the 17th.  The top salmon on the 16th was Greg K’s at 19lb 4oz.  The 17th saw Eric T take the top salmon at 18lb 8 oz.  Top honours on the 18th went to Robert G and Mike S with a 19lb 6oz halibut and a 20lb 80z salmon respectively.  The 19th was Joe L with a 16lb 9oz salmon.  The 20th went to Gary G’s 47lb 6oz halibut and Myron R’s 21lb 8oz Salmon.  Carton G and Josh B each got a hat with a 26lb 7oz salmon and a 36lb 2oz halibut respectively.  Tune in next time for the rest of Junes catch of the day winners.

Fishing has been good and will only get better as summer moves along.

Tight Lines all!