Dock Talk

The Flags Boss, The Flags!

Canadian Princess Resort - May 23, 2012

The raising of the flags on the Canadian Princess is seen locally as the unofficial start of the summer tourist season here in Sunny Ucluelet, alerting fishers and locals alike that the “The Ship” is open for another season.

This years message is “Oak Bay Marine Group, Best in Sport Fishing since 1962” (for those of us who don’t know International Maritime Signal Flags).

Our first guests actually arrived a day early, they were so anxious to fish.

It was a day of firsts of a few kinds.

Our first fishing boat and our first whale watching boat of the season went out, and the first meals and the first adult beverages were served - to mention a couple of them.

A bit windy for the first trip, but a good haul of bottom fish made it worthwhile, and although no whales were sighted this time, the watchers had a great time as well by all reports.

We are still having fun on the desk remembering (or trying to) our training now that real guests are checking in.  The guests are being very kind and understanding.