Dock Talk

The return of the Humpback

Canadian Princess Resort - July 28, 2011

Some may think that the season for whale watching has passed as most of the Grey Whales now lie in their summer feeding grounds of the northern Bearing Sea. There is however a southern group called the Southern Pacific Feeding Aggregation. This population is known to return year after year to places along the west coast of Vancouver Island and Washington. There are even a few who call the Broken Group Islands their home and we’ve been seeing them regularly.
            Along with the Grey whales, there are also the Humpback whales and they seem to be off our shores in even larger numbers. Since whaling of these magnificent creatures was banned in 1966, their recovery has gradually gained momentum.  I’ve been talking to many people in the whale watching industry this year and all of them state that they have never seen a bigger showing of Humpback whales in this area. Many of our guests returning from a day on the water will mention the incredible amount of whales they saw while fishing.
            With all these whales and skippers like Don with over 10 years of experience in these waters, it makes it an easy decision for us to offer whale watching in addition to our fishing trips. So whether you are just here for the fishing or you’re bringing the family along for the ride, we have something for everyone and for only $75 dollars a trip, we offer one of the most affordable rates in the business.
From the bridge,
-Chris White