Dock Talk

Ucluelet and the Wild Pacific Trail

Canadian Princess Resort - August 21, 2011

It was another beautifully sunny day yesterday here in Ucluelet as I find myself still stepping back and looking around to take in this place we call home. Last night after work I visited the Wild Pacific Trail located just 15 minutes walk from the Canadian Princes. The trail system traces the rugged cliffs and shoreline of the west coast of Vancouver Island facing out towards the open Pacific Ocean.
As I walked the trail, I could not help but notice the stillness in the air. It is always amazing to step out of town and realize just how remote life here really is. I look out over the rocks and all I can hear is the gentle surge of water as waves come in continually lapping at the rocks. The kelp forests, giant from a full summer’s sun, stretch with the surge and recoil as the water cradles the kelp back and forth. These are the nurseries for all sorts of new life including kelp greenlings, vermillion, ling cod and a variety of other rock fish that inhabit these waters. No wonder our guests bring back such a variety of fish from our bottom fishing trips. There is also the base of the food pyramid thriving in these waters. From the nudibranchs and sea urchins, to crab and sea stars, a variety of filter feeders is busily foraging the food rolling in on the summer pacific swell.
If you have yet to visit us this summer, I hope you are still able to come and enjoy the views and great late season fishing.
From the bridge,
-Chris White