Dock Talk

Vancouver Island Fishing Update

Canadian Princess Resort - June 11, 2007

Fishing is continuing on a strong streak and the salmon have come out to play. Most of the boats have been coming in with a fair number, a lot of which are hatchery Coho. A lot of wild Coho have been caught and released as well which makes for some fun, action-packed fishing trips.

Halibut are still coming in strong with one of the boats almost limiting on them and others close behind. Keep em’ comin guys.

Catch of the days…

June 1

  • 37 lb. halibut by Domenic Reaty of Chilliwack, BC
  • 27 lb. Chinook by Greg Plotnikoff of New Westminster, BC

June 2

  • 19 lb. Chinook by Deyon Bailey of Bellevue, WA

June 3

  • 20 lb. halibut by Dan Johnson of Surrey, BC
  • 13½ lb. Chinook by Keith Pinel of Victoria, BC

June 4

  • 32.5 lb. halibut by Jesse Alvis of Tacoma, WA
  • 14 lb. Chinook by Russell Koshowski of Carstairs, AB

June 6

  • 38 lb. halibut by Dave Gray of Port A, BC
  • 15 lb. Chinook by Justin Lindsay of Wenatchee, WA

June 7

  • 42 lb. halibut by Don Seki of Maple Ridge, BC
  • 24 lb. Chinook by Terry Skymen of Drayton Valley, AB

June 8

  • 23½ lb. Chinook by Dennis Hofmann of Calgary, AB

June 9

  • 45 lb. halibut by Carl Berrow of Nanaimo, BC
  • 10 lb. Chinook by Monica Thompson of Seattle, WA

Nathan Petrowitz
Charters Manager, Canadian Princess Resort
Ucluelet, Vancouver Island