Dock Talk

What a day...

Canadian Princess Resort - August 12, 2005

Today was a dream day for guests as well as crew out on the water.  Flat calm, sunny, and tons of fish.

All the Chinook weighed in today were 25 pounds or better, and we got two Cohos weighing 15 and 16 lbs. each.  The Coho Princess, with Russell, Sheldon and Courtney as crewm had 7 of these salmon to weigh in, besides the near boat load of other salmon on board.

A 40 lb Chinook caught by Mary Pete earned her the "Catch of the Day" title, and 3 others weighed in over 30 pounds with the rest in the high twenties.

John Phillips bagged himself a 50 lb halibut aboard the Raven Princess with Cliff, Chris and Matthew as crew.  Then there's Dale Horton nabbing a 16 pound hatchery Coho.  Yowsa.

Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager
Canadian Princess Resort